Scouting Party

The first 100 super-rare Scout Bots have been found and activated, congrats to all the winners!
Our first contest is now closed. Thanks for playing!

— The Dokostar Mothership
Scouts are hidden all over

The Dokostar scouting party needs your help!

A team of Dokobots were preparing to launch a scouting and recon mission to earth. Unfortunately when the Mothership was damaged, they fell to the surface along with the rest of the 'bot fleet before they could be activated.

These extra rare Dokobots are hidden all over the world. The first 100 people to find and activate one will win a prize!

How do I find a Scouting Party bot?

Even we don't know where they landed, so you have to search for them. Here's a tip: extra rare Inactive Dokobots have a purple tint on the Scanner.

I found one! What now?

Make sure to activate it, then share the activation journal entry on Twitter or email us at! We'll hook you up with some fun Dokobots swag!

Are there other ways to win prizes?

Sure! Just share your favorite entries from any Dokobot on Twitter to be entered in a weekly giveaway! Follow @dokogeo for updates.

So what exactly do I get?

You'll receive one of our sweet shirts. It's a great way to spread the word about Dokobots!