About the Game

Dokobots is a geogame played in the real world! Pick up traveling robot friends and help them in their journeys as they explore our planet.

Each player participates in a scavenger hunt to collect new Dokobots. Follow the adventures as your Bots visit new locations, gathering photos and notes from the people they meet.

Global Scavenger Hunt

Use an augmented map interface to search for the hidden items in the game. A typical walk to lunch becomes an adventure as you discover and pick up rare and exciting items.

Inactive Dokobots

Inactive Dokobots

Dormant, Inactive Dokobots fall to the Earth and lie waiting to be discovered and activated. Keep an eye out for special rare models!



Jettisoned from the damaged mothership, batteries continually fall to the Earth like meteorites. Your Dokobots need batteries, so keep an eye out!



Dokobots "hitchhike" from device to device, riding along in your pocket.

Go on Adventures!

Every Dokobot keeps a detailed record of its adventures in a Journal. The Journal automatically charts the Bot's route through the world, tracking map locations, host players, and displaying entries. Check out photos from people your Dokobots have visited, and add your own!

Screenshot Guesthouse Screenshot Journal Screenshot Map
Screenshot Activation

Give them Life!

Newly activated Dokobots are a blank slate. They all love to explore, but it's you give them a Name and Function

This will influence the type of Entries players create for your Dokobot. Is it a world traveler? A hopeless romantic? Determined to find every dive bar in the world? The ultimate destiny of a Dokobot is up to you!